Production resources

Our expertise allows us to meet our customers’ needs by integrating a full range of metalworking technologies with an appropriate project management.

All you need

Prototypes, small, medium and large series
Wide variety of processed materials: aluminum alloys, hard metals (titanium, stainless steel, Inconel), copper alloys, nickel and cobalt based alloys…
Supply chain and subcontracting management


3 cutting / punching laser machines
2 2D cutting laser machines
2 3D cutting laser machines
2 NC punching machines.

Bending – Rolling

15 NC folding machines up to 8 axes, length 3200 max,
5 rolling machines, width 1000 max,
1 NC rolling machine, width 500 max.


15 hydraulic presses, up to 250 tons and double effect,
40 mechanical presses, up to 160 tons.


1 YAG laser welding unit, 500x500x1000 max.,
1 automatic orbital TIG welding machine,
1 longitudinal TIG welding bench,
6 spot welding machines,
2 glove boxes for TIG welding on titanium,
20 TIG welding stations.”

NC Machining

5 electrical discharge machines 600x400x400 max.,
2 high-speed 4-axis machining units, 700x400x330 max.,
10 3-and-4-axis machining units,1500x650x650 max.,
4 5-axis machining units, 700x600x500 max.,
2 turning/milling machines, ø500 max.,
1 automated and palletised twinspindle lathes,
11 NC turning machines up to ø650 max.,
3 surface grinders, 800×1500 max.


3 roller planers
3 deburring/grinding machines,
Tribofinishing (vibration, drums),
Marking via electrolytic, laser, micropercussion, inkjet and engraving technologies”

Surface Treatments

8 heat treatment ovens,
2 automatic degreasing lines,
laser marking, datamatrix, inkjet & engraving machines


Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection line S2/S3 NADCAP qualified,
5 FARO measuring devices,
6 three-dimensional measuring machines 1000x800x600 max.,
2 camera inspection machines,
Measuring column,
Hardness check.

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