Achievements out of Mounting and Assembly

Some achievementsMounting / Assembling of sheet metal work / boiler making assemblies

  • Filter support structure

    A350 Program

  • Assembled case for on-board computer

    NH90 Helicopter

  • Electrical core housing

    Embraer E2 Jet

  • Electronic rack
  • On-board electronic cabinet
  • Control desk

Some achievementsAircraft engine module assembly

  • Aircraft engine module assembly

    CFM Engine

  • Mounting hub LEAP 1A 1B

    LEAP Engine

  • Assembly workshop

    LEAP Engine

  • Engine fan case – LEAP 1A, 1B, 1C

    LEAP Engine

  • Engine fan case assembly – LEAP 1A, 1B, 1C

    LEAP Engine

  • Engine fan case VCI

    LEAP Engine

  • LEAP hub 1A, 1B

    LEAP Engine

  • Fitted fan case

    LEAP Engine

  • Fitted fan case

    LEAP Engine

Some achievementsAssembly of functional mechanical assemblies

  • Aircraft towbar


  • Helicopter rolling cradle

    H125 Ecureuil Helicopter

  • Missile insertion & extraction frame
  • Bomb placement cart for fighter aircraft
  • Turbine disc clamp

    Helicopter spreader turning tooling

  • Dismantling tools for fighter aircraft radar

    Mirage 2000

  • Fighter plane wing-fitting trolley

    Mirage 2000

  • Control tools

    Mirage 2000


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